A Good Electrician’s Work Consist Of

The job of an electrician is more complex than it sounds. It is more than the figure of a worker who worries that the electrical system of a building or even a neighborhood works properly. In fact, it can be said that this work requires other knowledge such as masonry or plumbing.

In addition to knowledge, they must also have significant decision-making power and know-how to accurately diagnose the problem they are facing.

What does it take to be an electrician?

It is not easy. In addition to requiring minimal studies, a high capacity is needed to absorb new knowledge, since the electricity sector continues to evolve and electrical systems are also very susceptible to being modified. In addition, it is more than likely that they have to work on old wiring and they must know how to complement the work and system of decades ago with current ways of proceeding.

But what more notions and skills must a good electrician have:

  • You must be skilled with your hands: Electricians must handle several tools even simultaneously, so that if the worker is someone who constantly drops these implements, the most normal thing is that they do not end up doing their job well or that even get injured.
  • You must know how to interpret plans, to know where the wiring goes.
  • Be responsible and methodical: An electrical error can be catastrophic and generate worse consequences than before it was repaired. This profession does not admit workers who work in any way and offer temporary solutions.
  • Be decisive and observant. The world of electronics is not only wide, but it is acquiring new procedures every time. The work in this field cannot be limited to knowing how to repair only a few faults but must be able to solve any electrical problem. In addition, you must carefully observe both your work and the work that someone else may have done on the electrical system you are working on.
  • Wanting to continue learning. This sector is highly evolutionary and that is why the electrician cannot be limited only to the knowledge he has because he will soon become outdated and will not be able to solve more current problems.
  • Being physically fit: Constant movements, having to carry heavy material, going up and down scaffolding and ladders … An electrician in must have a few physical minimums that make a working day not lead to torture.
  • Enjoy this job: Sometimes you have to work in conditions where the temperatures are not the most pleasant, a detail that means that if you are not comfortable doing this job, the experience at work is disastrous.
  • Be a good communicator: The client must know what the problem is so that he can know in the future how to prevent it. In most cases, the customer does not know what has happened so that there has been a blackout or the television does not work, for example.
  • Knowing how to work in a team: Knowing how to delegate, knowing how to trust the worker who is next to you, knowing how to teach those who have just started …

Also, a good electrician should …

These are the minimum qualities that an electrician must play. However, there are other aspects that differentiate an electrician from a good electrician. For starters, cheap electricians must be properly equipped.

The tools you have to use must always be the most current. These are already designed to work with old wiring systems. Screwdrivers, wire strippers, flashlights, electrician scissors …

Of course, the clothing they wear must be consistent with their profession. For your comfort and safety, this should not be too loose and make extreme temperatures more easily bearable. Of course, footwear is very important, especially that the electrician’s soles are non-slip.

Finally, a good electrician must have a proven reputation. To do this, you have to check the reputation of their work on their website or on social networks.

No. Indeed, not everyone can be an electrician .

Joan Padilla