Advertising Printing

Advertising printing is a printed matter aimed at advertising a company. As well as its products and services, ensuring consumer recognition.

Advertising printing should be distinguished from production printing.ย This includes, for example, containers and packaging, where there is also a logo and other elements of corporate identity.

Advertising printing is perhaps the most capacious industry. It includes everything that is done today on paper and cardboard, from business printing to POS materials

The materials generally referred to as advertising and printing materials include business cards, envelopes, cubes, letterheads, folders, folders with a ring mechanism, notepads, leaflets, brochures, catalogs, calendars (quarter, houses, pocket, wall), postcards, paper bags, boxes for wine and champagne, boxes for wine glasses, gift boxes, stretch cards, wobblers, shelf talkers, shelfstopery, mobiles (pendant, floor, table), the Table-tents, dispensers, show-boxes, anti-theft doors, growth figures, price tags, coasters, coasters, neck hangers, the label on paper on film, in rollers and sheets, stickers and much, much more.

Today, the most commonly used offset printing method.

Advantages of advertising printing

Its advantages lie in the fact that offset printing allows you to obtain extremely high image quality. In the future, if necessary, you can perform additional post-printing operations. These include foil stamping,  relief stamping, punching, lamination, selective UV varnish, 7 BC binding, perforation, numbering, application of a protective scratch layer, manual assembly, paper clip, euro-style, KBS, PUR glue, thread sewing (NKShV).

Offset printing is much more profitable than any other with a circulation of over 500 copies of A4 sheets. Offset printing is characterized by high productivity. That allows you to print large runs in the shortest possible time.

If you have a small company. This does not at all limit your ability to maintain a decent corporate image. Any advertising printing that is not suitable for the requirements of offset equipment can be printed digitally or silk-screened. Silkscreen printing implies a number of layout design restrictions. But today absolutely everything can be printed digitally. And on almost any material. The only drawback of digital printing is the impossibility of applying selective UV varnish, foil stamping with falling into the image. But there are printers that can print with white. That on scanty circulations is much more profitable than silk-screen printing, although it is inferior to her in quality.

Scope of advertising printing

Advertising printing, being an integral part of the advertising policy of companies entering into communication with the consumer in order to ensure sales and other tasks, has been and remains one of the equally popular tools along with advertising on television and on the Internet, in the press, on the streets and in transport.

Despite the fact that today everyone uses computers. Paper advertising media have not lost their relevance. Any event, conference, business meeting is not complete without brochures. As well as business cards, folders, paper bags with brand names. No promotion can be carried out without printing support, handouts, and POS materials. Not a single point of sale is complete without decoration with mobiles, posters, shelf talkers, and stickers with images of the goods being sold.

Advertising during the crisis

Advertising during a crisis is an extremely important element in business development. Unfortunately, due to the instability of the ruble and the economic situation in the country, many entrepreneurs have serious problems with their advertising budget. Often it is necessary to save on advertising, which significantly slows down the promotion of the company and its brands. What can be done in this case? What is the most accessible advertisement during the crisis?

1. Announcements on message boards, lamp posts, and bus stop.

Such advertising during the crisis is a suitable advertising option for many small entrepreneurs. Of course, you will not spend a lot of money on such advertising, since all you need to do is create and print ads, buy glue and start putting them up.

2. Distribution of leaflets.

This is a fairly budgetary and at the same time effective way of promoting. By distributing flyers that are attractive to your target audience, you can inform consumers about the appearance of a new store, discounts, and other promotions of your company. This advertising during the crisis will allow you, without spending a lot of money, to attract many new customers.

3. Publication of articles and links on the Internet.

this is also a way of promotion that can be suitable for companies with a small advertising budget. There are sites that offer completely free to publish unique articles with links to your site or blog on the Internet. If the articles are really interesting and posted on sites where your target audience is, then such advertising can be extremely effective.

4. Promotion in social networks.

A modern, inexpensive and effective way to present yourself and your products. Some Internet users spend many hours every day simply browsing social media pages. It’s much better to spend this time actively promoting your company. To do this, you can create a public or community on a social network, and then start promoting it, attracting the target audience. Subsequently, you will receive a very valuable advertising tool through which you can promote your products or services. In addition, in social networks, you can use mutual PR, negotiating with other users of social networks to publish each other’s advertising posts.

5. Organization of seminars, courses, and training.

This is another affordable way to promote. Such advertising during a crisis can be effective since many people find themselves in a difficult situation at this time, they are looking for opportunities and ways to improve their level of well-being and therefore turn to train.

Advertising should always be, it is she who is the most important engine for promoting a business.

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