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building Inspection and what does it mean for best old buildings?

The preventive legal Building Inspection architecture is behind the ITE (Technical Inspection of a Building) . All multi-family buildings that have a certain age are required to pass this type of audit to verify if they meet the appropriate safety requirements. That is why it is so important that the communities of owners implement the necessary conservation and rehabilitation tasks , both to guarantee the stability of the building and the protection of the people who inhabit it. 

 Although it is a process that must be carried out , the public administration does not make any notification, but each community has the responsibility to request the corresponding review. Building Inspection Thus, it is necessary to comply with the ordinances of the city council where the review deadlines are specified. In the event that there is no local regulation, it is generally established that all buildings with more than 50 years are required to pass the inspection. After having exceeded this time, the ITE must be carried out again every 10 years at the most.  

How is the technical inspection of a building performed? 

The ITE or Technical Building Inspection must be carried out by a qualified technician who has the degree of architect, rigger or building engineer . It is very important that the communities of owners choose a suitable professional for this task, since the validity of the report will depend on it.  Once the visit between the two parties is planned and the budget has been approved, the technician has to go to the building to perform the inspection. This review is done visually to check the status of common elements : interior and exterior facades, accessibility elements, roofs, structure, general plumbing networks, etc.

Since it is a visual assessment, the community does not have to endure any discomfort. In addition, as a general rule, the contracted professional does not have to access private homes, except when deemed relevant by the poor condition of the complex.  Broadly speaking, the time it takes to perform an ITE is about a week . Its Building Inspection price will depend on the technician, since there are no rates set in advance and each one sets its own fees. Keep in mind that buildings that do not undergo this Inspection, face different economic fines that can reach 6,000 euros. 

What can be the ITE rating?

When the technician in charge of performing the ITE proves that the building is in good condition and that it meets all the safety conditions, the result will be approved. In these cases, the professional himself is in charge of processing all the documentation so that said qualification is recorded in the databases of the relevant agency Building Inspection and until 10 years have elapsed it will not be necessary to pass a new review.  

However, the resolution can also determine that the housing block has minor, significant, serious Building Inspection or very serious deficiencies . Except in the first ones, in the rest it is necessary to start a building rehabilitation program together with the technician. In addition, the certificate of aptitude that is sent is provisional provisional for 6 years in the case of significant deficiencies or precautionary apt for 3 years if it is serious or very serious deficiencies. 

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