Building Inspection: Things that the owner of the building must prepare before the inspection

Building owners are required to provide a floor plan or program related to construction or create a building inspection plan. And building equipment for the inspector to inspect the building condition.

Documents provided by the inspector to the building owner after the building inspection is completed

1. Documentation of the first inspection (general inspection), together with a copy of the inspector’s registration¬†and the certification of the audit report.
2. Building management plan, building equipment maintenance plan.

Excluded from this scope of work and service fees

1. The employment of specialized auditing. As recommended by the auditor.
2. Design, repair, parts that need to be improved according to the opinion of the auditor.

How do building owners have to submit documents?

Building owners are required to submit a building inspection report certified by the inspector. For the local office located in the area where their buildings are located. The local officials under the building control law are:
1. Mayor for the municipality
2. The president of the sub-district administrative organization for in the sub-district administrative organization area
3. Governor

Period for consideration of the action of the local official

When the local official receives the report of the building inspection An audit report must be reported within 30 days and when it is seen that the building is compliant and safe. The local office is required to issue a certificate of building inspection of the building condition without delay. And must not exceed 30 days from the date of consideration is completed

  1. Characteristics and work plan of the audit 1. Characteristics and audit
    work plan according to the Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning
  • This building inspection report will be a major audit every 5 years and a sub-audit every year.¬†In accordance with the requirements, the first inspection will be¬†Big check.
  • The first official report to be submitted to the local authority should be issued approximately one month before the deadline if the building is ready.¬†Or maybe able to leave first.
  • The building owner or condominium juristic person manager.¬†Submit a building inspection report to the local competent official within thirty days prior to the date of the original building inspection certificate.¬†Within thirty days prior to the date of the original building inspection certificate, the term of one year will be completed.
  • During the year. There must be periodic inspections approximately every 3 – 6 months. The inspector will call in to make an appointment with a moderator.¬†And make an appointment on a topic to be examined¬†It depends on the equipment inside the building to be inspected and the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe building and may participate in building safety-related activities such as annual fire drills.¬†In this regard, the building supervisor must notify the building inspector.
  • Examination topic.¬†It is mainly concerned with the safety of the building occupants.¬†Or at least have to be examined.¬†According to the topic stipulated in the ministerial regulations¬†On building inspection rules.
  • The building administrator must¬†Prepare all forms as submitted for permission to the government. 1 set is hardcopy for the inspector to inspect before going to the actual inspection at the building.¬†And the name of the person in charge of the building¬†and contact number.

2. Scope of the audit

Construction Project business man Architect engineer manager at construction site
  • The examination is a visual inspection of the condition.¬†Only to find something unusual¬†if an in-depth investigation is required¬†Or analyze and calculate engineering principles¬†Or architecture¬†The examiner will advise you to find an expert in the field.¬†Let’s investigate further.
  • Auditors will only inspect accessible, safe, and well-lit locations for inspection.
  • Prepare building inspection reports¬†to be used to submit to the local official in the amount of 1 set with a signature to certify the report by the building inspector registered with the Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning¬†Ministry of Interior by law.
  • The building is examined 2-3 times a year depending on the condition and safety, the number of equipment, and the inspection area.¬†Of the building according to the opinion of the building inspector

3. List of buildings that must be audited for the year

  • Annual audits are performed every year during a major audit.¬†Conduct an audit¬†by the building inspector.¬†Use a detailed building inspection form¬†Yearly prepared by the auditors
  • The building owner must store the plan in a place where the inspector can be conveniently used for inspection of the building.
  • The annual audit period and frequency of the building inspector shall be in accordance with the inspection plan established by the building inspector.

4. Inspection, maintenance and equipment systems of buildings.

  • The owner of the building¬†Or the building supervisor assigned by the owner of the building is responsible for inspecting and maintaining the building and various equipment of the building, testing the operation of the system and equipment during the year.
  • The owner or the building attendant must perform regular maintenance inspections in accordance with the manual provided by the building inspector and record maintenance inspections for the period specified by the building inspector.
  • When conducting maintenance inspections, use the detailed inspection forms provided by the building inspector.
  • The timing and frequency of the maintenance, testing of the system and equipment shall be in accordance with the inspection plan set by the building inspector.

Criteria or standards used in building inspections

The inspection shall take into account the following criteria:
1. Criteria as prescribed in the Building Control Law. Or according to other relevant laws that were in force at the time of the construction.

2. The safety standard of the government institution, the Council of Engineers, or the Architect Council for building safety. In the event that a building that needs to be inspected is a condominium, the condominium juristic person manager Has the authority to provide and operate. To inspect the building under this ministerial regulation on behalf of the owner of the apartment Both in the part that is personal property and common property.

3. In inspecting buildings and building equipment. Be it a big check Or annual inspection. The inspector shall make a report on the results of the inspection of the building condition and the building equipment being inspected by the building owner.

4. The examiner must provide feedback. In modifying buildings or building equipment in order to make such buildings or building equipment. In accordance with the criteria or standards set for the building owner as well.

5. In case the building being inspected is a tall building or extra-large buildings and is exempt from compliance and people assembly. Suggestions for improvement Fire safety systems in such buildings There shall be no less than that prescribed in the Ministerial Regulation issued under the Building Control Act.

There are two types of inspections of buildings and building equipment.

  • Big check
  • Annual audit

Big check 

This is the first inspection of buildings and building equipment. And make a major inspection every 5 years, at least to do the following
checks : 

1. Inspecting the stability of the building
2. Inspection of building systems and equipment
3. Hygiene system. And the environment.
4. Fire prevention and suppression system
5. Monitoring of the performance of systems and equipment. Of the building to evacuate building

6. Verification of the building safety management system

Annual audit

Is the inspection of buildings and building equipment according to the annual building and building equipment inspection plan prepared by the inspector is
1. Action plan Building inspections and building equipment including manuals for the implementation of the said plan for the building owner. To be a guideline for the inspection and maintenance and recording of maintenance inspection.
2. Annual inspection plan and building equipment. Including the inspection guidelines according to the said plan for the building owners For the benefit of the annual inspection of buildings and building equipment.

What is the penalty if the owner does not inspect the
owner of the building does not arrange the legal inspection of the building?

Imprisonment for a term of not more than 3 months or a fine of not more than 60,000 dollars or both. 

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