Fashionable wedding rings

what to choose for a wedding rings

An wedding rings is seemingly one of the most conservative pieces of jewellery. It should symbolise something eternal, the inviolability of the bonds of marriage. But there are fashion trends here too. Perhaps the only thing that remains unchanged is that the ring is usually worn on the ring finger.

By the way, this tradition has come to us since the days of.The Egyptians were sure that the line of love passes precisely through the ring finger. In the 9th century, Pope Nicholas I passed a law according to which spouses were required to wear wedding rings. Then the idea arose that the wedding ring must be gold. This metal is not subject to corrosion, time, and other changes.

wedding rings

Nowadays, every couple wants to emphasize their individuality, so many people are sickened to wear just an ordinary smooth yellow gold ring. Indeed, such are worn by millions of couples, wedding rings are similar, like twin brothers. You can choose rings, the pair of which will be a similar decoration for only your half. Only yours and nobody else’s.

Engraved wedding rings are a real trend of late. You can engrave anything – a phrase that only two people understand, the date of the first meeting, an oath of love in an ancient language. Someone prefers to make engraving on the inside – so outsiders will not know about it, but only the owners of the rings.

Crown wedding rings are often used as a female engagement symbol, as many girls never stop being princesses.

In this case, the male ring paired to him will be much more modest, because the prince, who rode a white horse after the wedding, needs to settle down.

Three-color wedding rings are once again extremely popular. This fashion was started by the Cartier house in due time, and to this day it does not lose its adherents. White, yellow and rose gold, or two types of gold and platinum are the most popular combinations. The trinity of marriage is hidden in this symbol, the union of a man and a woman is fidelity, friendship and love.

High-tech style have recently been characteristic not only of men’s wedding rings. These are suitable for a couple who adheres to modern views and shares an active life position. Rings of this style are characterised by flat edges, brushed metal, or a combination of brushed and smooth surfaces.

Diamond wedding rings for those who compare the strength of their union with the hardness of the hardest stone. The main thing to remember is that the stone should not be large. The wedding ring is designed to be worn permanently and should be comfortable; stones should not catch on clothes and foreign objects.

Two-tone wedding rings are also in vogue. Two kinds of gold welded together like two people in an alliance. Rings can be, as it were, a reflection of each other – in a man’s, some elements are made of silver, and the same in a woman’s ring are made of gold, and vice versa. Thus, they will be different, but absolutely complementary to each other.

Lisa Hoar