Plumbing: Tips and Tricks

Plumbing is an essential element of any bathroom. Until recently, the choice of plumbing elements was influenced only by their functional components. Today, a beautiful sink or an elegant faucet is a great opportunity to demonstrate your taste and create the perfect bathroom interior.

Which one to choose?

When choosing a sink, it is better to give preference to models with a protective hole against overflowing water. It is also good if they are equipped with special fasteners and an individual siphon. Be sure to consider the method of attachment and the shape of the product.

When choosing a toilet, it is better to consider options for modern production. For example, toilet bowls in recent years have been equipped with a silent water intake system. There are economical models that use less water. Particularly popular today are products coated with special water-repellent and antibacterial agents.

If we talk about the practicality of use, then shower toilets are clearly in the lead. At first glance, they are no different from ordinary toilets. Their feature is a special water supply system located on the sides of the toilet. In general, such products function perfectly both as a bidet and for their intended purpose.

When choosing heated towel rails, it is better to give preference to durable brass products , with polymer or chrome plating. There are also more budget options, but their shelf life does not exceed three years.

Location options

When decorating a bathroom, the correct location of plumbing is extremely important, because its comfort and coziness depends on it.

According to the designers, in the center of the room there should be a sink with a mirror and a cabinet. There should be at least 0.7 m of free area in front of the sink. If the family is large, you can install two sinks, this will save time when getting ready for work and school. A distance of about 25 cm should be left between the edges of the sinks.

In standard apartments and private houses, the location of the toilet depends on the location of the sewer riser. Of course, if desired, you can achieve a remote placement, but this is much more difficult to implement than the standard habitual installation. There should be about 0.6 m between the front edge of the toilet and the wall, and there should be at least 25 cm on the sides of the free distance.

A free-standing bathtub will be an effective solution. But such a model requires a large room area: at least 9 m2. In small rooms, it is more practical to use showers or corner plumbing options. In any case, for comfortable operation, at least 0.7 m should remain in front of the structure.

Tips & Tricks

Plumbing maintenance is the key to its durability. All plumbing should be washed at least twice a week. You should not wait until plaque forms on the sink or mixer, otherwise scale will form, which will be more difficult to remove.

Do not forget about safety and precautions when caring for plumbing fixtures. Most products contain acids or chemicals that can harm your hands.

It is worth noting that too concentrated cleaning agents can damage the sensitive enamel of the toilet bowl or sink and even leave marks on the chrome surface of the faucet. To avoid such problems, it is recommended to use mild detergents.

If cleaning the plumbing doesn’t work as expected, you can try home remedies that are sometimes more effective than store-bought ones. Regular baking soda works well for descaling; just apply the product to the surface and leave for a few minutes. You can remove old plaque with the same tool, rubbing the coating with a special brush or brush.

Another great anti-pollution agent is table vinegar. To do this, you need to warm it up a little and wipe the problem areas.

As a preventive measure for the smooth operation of cranes, it is not recommended to twist them.

The operation of the equipment may be impaired by sudden changes in water temperature, the use of cold water only, or the use of products for other purposes.

Proper care of your bathroom fixtures guarantees smooth operation and a long service life.

Contemporary examples in the interior

A wide range of plumbing equipment allows you to choose it for any style and interior.

  • Plumbing in a classic style will be appropriate in any interior. The severity of shapes and clarity of lines is something that will never go out of fashion.
  • When choosing plumbing in a classic style, remember that the classic requires the appropriate design.
  • Fans of extravagant products will like colored plumbing from world manufacturers. A wide range will allow each consumer to choose the best option for themselves.
  • Eco-style is recognized as one of the popular styles of modern designers. It’s not difficult to create a bathroom in this style. Plumbing of an unusual shape will add color and emphasize the originality of the design.

Rob Prosser