Security: Innovative methods of protecting the premises from robbery

According to statistics, robbery is one of the most common types of crime. Apartment robberies are especially common and everyone has an acquaintance, friend, or relative who has suffered from it. That is why many people are increasingly asking themselves the question – how to protect themselves from theft and protect and have security from their property.

The world is evolving and now there are many convenient, easy to use devices that are also inexpensive. So today I will talk about the most relevant methods of protection and how they will be useful. 

1. Video surveillance via telephone.

Surveillance cameras are an excellent method of monitoring the condition of the room from anywhere in the world. Just install CCTV cameras and connect them to your smartphone or computer. You will be aware of events and will be able to react in time to any situation. And if your apartment is connected to the security company, you can send an alarm directly on the phone if you see something suspicious. Even if you are abroad.

2. Alarm.

There are many types of alarms for security. If it is a “roar”, then at any attempt to break it turns on a loud siren, which will be heard within a radius of 100 meters. If the signal does not scare the thief, it will definitely attract the attention of others.

The best innovative system is an alarm. The ability to work wirelessly greatly simplifies its use. You install a special application on your smartphone and when any of the sensors are triggered, you will immediately receive a notification with information about the occurrence of a potentially dangerous situation, which means you will be able to respond to it in time.

The burglar alarm can be connected to the remote control. In this case, when someone wants to enter your room, the security panel will receive an alarm, after which the crew with armed guys goes to the specified address and detains the criminal.

In addition to motion sensors and window breakage (which is usually responded to by burglar alarms), modern devices also have fire sensors and flood protection. That is, they help to monitor security in the apartment not only in the context of thieves but also from other troubles.

3. GPS tracker.

This is a small beacon that indicates the location of the object on which it was installed. It can be a safe, a car, or any valuable object that falls into the risk category. If the safe is taken – you have information where exactly.

Separately, it should be said that GPS-trackers are not only for safes and cars but also for people. These are special bracelets that allow you to track the location of, for example, your child. And in case of danger, he can press a button on the bracelet, so that special guards come to his place and neutralize any conflict situation. 

All these methods are good in their own way, and together provide complete protection.

Video surveillance: why and how to choose

Video surveillance for security is a fairly common feature. Now you can find CCTV cameras at almost every step. Let’s see why they are needed.

CCTV Camera

A surveillance camera is needed to capture various events and situations, which, in the future, can become strong evidence in resolving conflicts. Also, with the help of video surveillance, you can prevent robbery if you take additional security measures in time. And while CCTV alone does not protect against crime, it can be very useful along with physical security or burglar alarms.

There are several types of video surveillance:

1. Home video surveillance. 

Video surveillance at home is a system that allows you to monitor the condition of the house during your absence. Installing video surveillance does not take much time and is quite affordable, and the benefits are enormous. It is very convenient if you connect CCTV cameras online. In this case, you will be aware of any events that take place at home, even if you are on the other side of the world because it allows you to make video surveillance via phone or laptop.

2. Video surveillance in the entrance.

Video surveillance at the entrance is as important as video surveillance at home. With its help, you can easily identify a robber who is planning a crime or an offender who is spoiling property. Most often, the cameras are monitored by a concierge or security guard and can prevent a crime before it is committed. 

3. IP video surveillance

In essence, IP video surveillance is a surveillance camera plus a mini-computer. Advantages of IP cameras as the image allowing to shoot even at night. This can be especially relevant because many crimes are committed in the dark and the usual camera, in this case, does not provide information about the robber. Many models of IP cameras are equipped with a microphone and speaker, as well as a slot for a MicroSD card for video recording.

Summing up, we can say that video surveillance is a very useful thing. Moreover, connecting a CCTV camera is not difficult at all. If you understand the system well enough, you can make video surveillance with your own hands. There are now a lot of useful videos on YouTube that you can use to make video surveillance from your webcam and other options. Even the surveillance camera on your phone can play an important role in your security.

However, it should be understood that the CCTV camera itself does not protect against criminals. Therefore, be sure to connect your home to the burglar alarm. Be safe!

Rob Prosser