Shutters, Why do you need It?

As you know, windows are the most vulnerable place in the house, in terms of security, as the glass is easy to break to penetrate into the room. Of course, you can install bars to increase security, however, they do not protect the windows from vandals except shutters.

Therefore, if you leave the house for a long time, the most reliable way to protect is the shutters. Accordingly, first of all, it is possible to recommend using shutters for windows in a summer residence. However, even if you live in the house permanently, they will also not be superfluous.

The fact that the shutters can perform other functions:

  • allow you to limit the view through the windows in the dark, and are able to protect the room from intense sunlight, ie they can be used instead of curtains or blinds;
  • can additionally protect from the cold on frosty days, in addition, serve as additional sound insulation;
  • often used as a decorative element that adorns the facade of the building. In particular, they can emphasize the belonging of the house to one or another.


Wooden shutters can be called a classic option, as we present them when it comes to this element of window protection. It should be noted that wooden shutters for windows are both internal and external.

Indoors, as a rule, perform a decorative function, as well as protect the room from the sun. The exterior copes well with the protective and decorative function.

Depending on the type of construction, wooden shutters are divided into several types:

single-leaf sliding – consist of one door, respectively, suitable for small windows;

  • double-leaf plows – have two doors, as a result of which they can be used with both narrow and wide windows;
  • complex multi-leaf – consist of several leaves, which consist of an accordion. The advantage of this design is that the window can be closed in full, but only a third or half;
  • blinds – are plowed or complex structures, inside which are the slats. The special mechanism allows changing a corner of lamellas, as in usual blinds. Thus, you can adjust the flow of sunlight into the room.

Among the advantages of wooden products are the following:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • attractive appearance – often wooden shutters are decorated even with carvings;
  • durability, the only thing these products require periodic care;
  • can be strong and reliable.

Therefore, wooden shutters are the most popular. Their cost starts from 2000-3000 thousand dollars per square meter. The most expensive are carved products – the price of such shutters can reach 8000-10000 dollars per square meter.

Of steel

Steel shutters are the strongest, so they are used primarily as a protective. However, do not think that they will not be able to decorate the facade of the building.

As for the design, the iron shutters are often plow single-leaf and double-leaf. In addition, there are louver models.

It is necessary to tell separately about such kind of products, as roller shutters. They are a canvas consisting of slats. When lifting, the canvas is rolled into a roll.

As a rule, such a design is equipped with an electric drive, which simplifies their operation, as you do not need to open and close the shutters with your hands. Some models are even equipped with remote control.

These products cannot be called decorative, so they are rather anti-vandal. Of course, they can also be used for sun protection. And it is possible to fix a cloth in any position that allows closing windows partially.

Among the advantages of these products are the following:

  • high strength;
  • do not swell from moisture and do not crumble, unlike wooden analogs;
  • long service life, the only thing they also need to be cared for periodically.

Ordinary plowed metal shutters for windows cost an average of 3,500 dollars per square meter. Decorated with forging products, of course, much more expensive.

Of aluminum

Aluminum shutters are of the following types:

  • blind-folding;
  • louvered plows;
  • roll cassettes.

It is worth noting that aluminum products have an attractive appearance. Most often, they even imitate wooden shutters . Therefore, they can be purchased as decorative, as well as for sun protection.

As for the protective function, the aluminum models can not fully cope with this task, as they are inferior in strength to some wood and especially metal counterparts. However, in any case, it is much more difficult to get into a window closed by such shutters than into an unprotected one, and they also protect against vandals. Therefore, aluminum models are perfect for homes in which someone lives permanently.

In addition, these products have other advantages:

  • differ in small weight that simplifies their transportation and installation;
  • not prone to corrosion and adverse environmental effects. However, over time, you may need them.
  • can have not only rectangular but also arched shape.

Made of plastic

Finally, consider the plastic shutters. These products have an attractive appearance, and there is a fairly large range of their design. There are models under a tree imitating a wood texture, and also monochromatic products.

As you can guess, the main task of plastic shutters is to decorate the facade and protect the room from the sun. In terms of strength, they are, of course, inferior to all the above products, so they are not suitable for protecting homes from penetration.

However, their popularity does not suffer due to the following advantages:

  • low cost – from 1500-2000 dollars per square meter;
  • not exposed to environmental influences:
  • have low weight thanks to what they can be mounted both on walls and directly on plastic windows or wooden frames;
  • do not need care;
  • simple installation instructions, so you can install them yourself.


As we found out, there are currently many types of shutters that are designed to perform different tasks. Therefore, when choosing you need to decide on the features that are important to you.

If you need decorative shutters for windows to decorate the facade, you can use products made of aluminum or even plastic, but if you need to protect your home from penetration, it is definitely better to prefer steel products with a lock that opens from the inside.

Rob Prosser