Wedding Ring’s types and shape

A wedding is a big event that brings a huge amount of positive emotions to every person. And preparing for this holiday takes a lot of time and, of course, resources. After all, everything needs to be chosen correctly and not to be mistaken with anything especially the wedding ring.

The long-awaited moment has come, and you are going to the store for wedding rings. Today, there is such an assortment of jewelry in stores that your eyes simply run-up. And which one to choose is unclear. 

In this article, we will give you some tips on what a wedding ring should be

Plain, sleek wedding jewelry 

A slight bead in the middle is the most practical option. It is believed that this type of ring is the most suitable according to the rules. It is believed that the accessory should be polished to a shine so that there are no problems in the marriage between the spouses. From the point of view of the operation, this type is also the most suitable. Yes, over time, the material of the product is scratched and it loses its original shine, but this problem can be solved within 10 minutes at any jeweler.

Washer wedding rings 

In appearance differs little from the classics. Their peculiarity is that the outer diameter of the ring does not change in width, that is, it looks like a regular washer. Such jewelry is preferred by lovers of modern styles of clothing and accessories, for example, casual, lady-like, etc. However, we draw your attention to the fact that not everyone is comfortable wearing such rings: you need to guess exactly the inner and outer diameter of the jewelry, otherwise, it will bring you discomfort.

Straight wedding bands

Are somewhat reminiscent of washer rings, but the edges of the accessories are more neatly rounded. This is done in order to make this form of jewelry comfortable to wear for a long time without taking it off.

The round wedding rings 

Are shaped like a donut. Such products are appreciated among young people. The weight of the jewelry is minimal, so the cost is quite democratic. This type of ring is a little more difficult to maintain as it is less polished. However, thanks to the round cut, scratches, and scuffs are less visible on the jewelry. The bad news is that round wedding bands are often lost, especially if a person has tapered fingers with minimal bone.

The barrels wedding ring

Are somewhat reminiscent of classic engagement rings, but they are wider and therefore look more massive on the finger. Such products were very popular among women in the days of the former USSR, where it was believed that the wider the ring, the stronger the family would be for the spouses. However, today these superstitions are a little forgotten.

Wedding rings-washers

Products with engraving or various patterns are considered very fashionable today. However, in terms of ease of use, these accessories are not in the first place. And all because, for example, with age, the fingers may become a little larger, and the ring will want to increase in size. With an increase in diameter, a beautiful inscription can simply float.

Rings with gemstone inserts are also very popular. They look good and leave no one indifferent. However, it is not recommended to buy such products as wedding rings. Due to frequent wear, the fastening of the inserts may be damaged, and the pebble will simply be lost. It will be very disappointing. Therefore, think before purchasing such an engagement ring.

Braided products are at their peak of popularity today. Especially among young couples, rings woven from several shades of gold are loved. Such accessories look elegant and attractive and not cheap. However, keep in mind that braided accessories are very difficult to change in size, so if you like such hoops, then when choosing, you should contact the jewelers and ask if it will be possible to increase or decrease them in size as necessary.

How to choose the right metal for your engagement

White gold wedding rings:

The standard material for wedding rings is, of course, gold. Why this particular metal? Since ancient times, gold has been of the highest value. Previously, there were no dollars and paper banknotes, and everything was measured in gold bars. According to this tradition, it is believed that the strength of marriage vows should be backed up only with gold and nothing else.

Which color should you choose? Today in the jewelry market you can find several shades of gold items from black to white. There is even rose gold. In spite of this, the most fashionable jewelry is made of ordinary yellow and white materials.

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